Psyonix and ESPN Collab with Rocket League

The ESPN annual X Games are set to take place in Aspen between January 23rd to the 31st and has appointed Rocket League as the host of a new series.

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)

The award-winning vehicular sport-based video game stays worthy of its title as “Game of the Year” by including fully-featured offline season mode, multiplier option, competitive and casual matches, and just about endless customization possibilities. Thanks to the game’s good reputation Rocket League earned its place in ESPN’s X Games, and the event itself will be featured on several esports betting platforms.

Video game developer Psyonix joins forces yet again with the X Games to share new Rocket League items and introduce the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Regional event for North America.

A handful of the best North American Rocket League teams will be competing against each other in the hopes of winning the ultimate prize special RLCS X Games medals.

The players are not the only ones that will be receiving rewards during this competition, Invader announces. Viewers that get a load of the action through Twitch will get the chance to earn fan rewards such as the Knuckle Huck Player Banner, and X-Board and X-Skis Toppers.

All the tournaments will be streamed live at 10 a.m. PT over Twitch and YouTube, as well as the ESPN app.

Alongside the famous esports competition, a variety of Rocket League’s X Games specialty items will be available for purchase in the Item Shop from January 21st-24th, and January 28th-31st.

Although large public esports events have been limited on account of COVID-19, viewership continues to rise at a rapid rate. Esports Insiders have no doubt that this second collaboration will be beneficial to both parties, as well as the viewers.

Source: ESPN Press Room