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The aim of an online poker tournament

When playing a poker tournament, aim to collect all chips from your opponents to come out on top.

How does a poker tournament work?

You can take part in a tournament as soon as you pay a fee, called the buy-in. Most of the buy-in is added to the pool, which is paid out, later on, to the winner. The smaller part is a house fee.

As an example, let’s look at these amounts: €5 + €1. In this case, €6 is the buy-in, €5 enters the pool and €1 goes to the house. The player wins the tournament once all chips from other players are in his hands.

Limited risk

The risk associated with tournaments is known upfront and is limited to the entry fee. Once you pay the buy-in, you don’t risk any more of your own money. At this point, all you need to do is to play the tournament and try to win the final prize pool or at least reach guaranteed paid places.

On the poker lobby

If you are interested in playing tournaments (Sit & Go or Scheduled), go to Betsson poker lobby. There you can filter the available tournaments based on your preferences and interests. Once you choose the tournament that you want to play, double click on it, and go to the ‘Buy-in’ button on the right top corner. Pay the buy-in and you will be immediately transferred to your poker table.

In our poker client, you can find a variety of poker tournaments. Starting from Sit & Go where you can play once enough players are seated at the table to scheduled ones that start at a pre-planned time. Explore our poker client to find out more about our offer.

Rebuys and Addons

In some tournaments, you can find a possibility for Rebuys and Addons. Rebuys means that you can re-enter the same tournament once you have been eliminated. With Addons you can increase your stack with additional chips.