Complete Guide to Casino Bonuses and Offers

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro when it comes to the online casino, there are always new ways to boost your winnings and further incectives to give you a helping hand that you may or may not be aware of. Come and check out the handy Betsafe guide to make sure Lady Luck smiles upon you!

What is a Casino Bonus?

Casino Bonuses are there to add spice to a player’s winning streak, or to instil hope if the player isn’t feeling so lucky. They are always present in any online casino game, and this feature will guide you to the various popular bonuses currently available.

After reading this, you will be more familiar with the range of bonuses and this will help you identify the right one in your next video slot game. Taking that educated chance will improve your playing skill and enhance your overall online casino experience. 

Why do casinos offer special offers and how do they work?

Special bonuses are offered in order to keep the player incentivised and play regularly. Most video slot games are created to have as little impasses as possible and to maintain flow, so bonuses come in handy. Bonuses are available at any moment in a playing experience- this includes a losing streak, to help keep the morale going (a recent term for such a bonus is ‘consolation prize’).

Most bonuses come with wagering requirements- a set of conditions on how many times you are allowed to play your winnings or wager your amount and modify value or chance. Wagering requirements are also referred to as ‘turnover’ or ‘play through’. Below is a common example of how wagering requirements are used in bonuses.

In a Free Spin Bonus (you’ll familiarise yourself with this type of bonus very shortly), a form of wagering is usually required. Let’s say you need to wager at 10 times, and you win €20 with your free spin, then you cannot withdraw your money until you reach €200 (€20 x 10)

The good thing about a wagering requirement is that it is totally fair, and you are not required to wager again if you lose and re-deposit. The wagering applies only to winnings.

Bonuses when you sign up for an account

Deposit and match bonus

Also known as ‘reload bonus’ for the regular players, deposit bonuses are usually restricted to video slots and tables and are there to incentivise the player to make a deposit.

The way it works is as follows. If your bonus offer is 50% up to €500 and you deposit €100 to get a €50 bonus, you play with €150, and this formula becomes applicable to any other cash amount you choose to play with. A deposit bonus is also called ‘match bonus’ as it matches the amount of money you have to the percentage you claim. So in another example, if you deposit €100 and claim a 100% deposit, you’ll have 200euro to play with.

Cashback Bonus

These aren’t as common as deposit bonuses, and are fueled by your losses. The way they work is that you apply for a 10% cashback promotion for a week and whatever the losses you may have for that week, the 10% returns to you. What makes cashback bonuses great is that the percentage you apply for is not subject to wagering requirements and is redeemed in cash. It’s important to note that this bonus is usually a percentage of NET losses.

This bonus is not so common as it varies from online casino to another. Most casinos can then choose to remove them at any time. If you do come across the option of a cashback bonus do consider it as a golden opportunity and seize it.

No Deposit

A ‘no deposit’ is highly popular and easy to get. You get it automatically when signing up for a new account at an online casino. This is usually in the form of a small cash amount, for example, 5 euro. That’s not the last time you hear from a no deposit though, as it can also appear as a special promotional ‘treat’ for loyal players. Many online casinos also give away no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins.

Generally, you have to undergo a wagering requirement before you can cash out on any winnings.

Bonuses while you’re playing games

Free Spins

While we spoke of the no deposit bonus popularity in the previous paragraph, it is safe to say that free spins are hands down the most popular of bonuses. The name says it all, so the process is pretty straightforward. If you win 10 free spins on a specific slot, they are there at your service once you open the slot up. No money will be deducted from your account from these 10 free spins and any winnings go to deposit.

Free spins range between 10 to 30, and once you win your free spins you need to firstly identify their value. If you win say, 10 free spins at 50c each, then their overall value is at €5. If you win 20 free spins at 25c each, then the value is the same as the 10 spins at 50c each; one that totals €5.

The value of the free spins varies from casino (and slot game) to another, so do watch out for it if you come across a casino bonus that offers 20 free spins as opposed to another casino.

This is where personal taste comes through, as you can decide whether you are better off winning a higher amount or having more chances at small winnings.

Free Spins contain wagering requirements, so you may need to play your winnings a certain number of times before you can actually withdraw. Free spins also come with two nicknames when their value is higher- big spins and super spins. Their values are retained at €1 and €3 respectively in any online casino.

You can see now how Free Spins have their own category of types within bonuses, as they vary in amount, slot, value and wagering requirement.

Reload Bonus

As already mentioned, a reload bonus is another name for a deposit bonus, and you’ll find this out on your second attempt at the video slot after you’ve made your initial deposit upon registering. So a deposit bonus essentially is a ‘welcome bonus’ at the first time, and then a ‘reload bonus’ subsequently. The reload bonus happens when the player reloads their account with credits, and can come with additional Free Spins that can be accessed after the deposit is complete.

Usually the more you play, the more attractive the reload bonuses get. Essentially reload bonuses are there as incentives for regular players and as stimulants for ones who are registered but have not used the slots much.

Like the deposit bonus, the reload bonus is subject to wagering requirements, so we suggest you always go through the T&C’s of promotions so that you do not fall victim to withdrawal restrictions.

Refer-a-friend bonus

A refer-a-friend bonus benefits both the referee and the referrer. The referee gets a bonus when they register an account and include the name of the person who referred them. The referrer in return gets the bonus when the referee completes registration. The registration includes making the deposit and wagering it.

Other promotions run by online casinos

Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes offer rewards to players who frequently play at an online casino. Regulars can enjoy earning points for bets or deposits they make, which can be redeemed as bonus cash.

Loyalty programmes differ from online casino to another in the value of the points earned, however most have a similar way of operating, and include special exclusive events in the form of tournaments for their members.

It’s worth looking into the loyalty programs offered when choosing a new casino to play at. Most good casinos value their players and make sure their loyalty programmes are exciting. Points-collecting may lead to reaching VIP levels and having further access to exciting bonuses and prizes. Usually VIP status is reached by wagering hundreds of euros at a time, so the loyalty programme is a chance for you to be consistent in your playing and in collecting points.

High-roller bonus

High-roller bonuses become available when you regularly enjoy depositing high amounts of money. When applying the match deposit in a high-roller casino bonus, the return value becomes much higher and the winnings, even greater.

Time-based promotions (including % bonuses and bonus codes)

There are various types of promotions offered either monthly or seasonally throughout one’s membership. They can be additional deposit bonuses or free spins on certain games, and are there to incentivise the registered player to visit the online casino.

Similar to this, bonus codes are commonly issued to players when they open a new account in an online casino and can be issued as a profitable vantage such as in the form of free spins, extra deposit bonuses or a no deposit bonus. Bonus codes are great because you do not have anything to lose when playing them! Ideally you enter a bonus code as soon as you get one, as they often have an expiry date.

What’s your next casino bonus going to be?

It all boils down to personal taste and how you want to play. We are certain that after reading this list, you would choose your bonus type with more confidence and your gaming experience will be enjoyed to its utmost.

Remember; when you know better, you play better, and you win better.