Reactoonz Slot Review

If you aim high when spinning the symbols on this slot, you will definitely find yourself travelling among the stars, and who knows, you may even discover some new galaxy beyond ours which these cute little alien characters inhabit.

Get ready for a rocket-fuelled journey in this NetEnt, energy-filled, extra-terrestrial grid slot game powered with stellar special features and otherworldly winning possibilities.

Reactoonz Symbols and Visuals

As can be expected of an otherworldly themed grid slot game, the main colour here is a dark, galaxy blue that is decorated with various popping colours of the little alien fellas that fill up the 7×7 grid.

There is a total of 10 different symbols in Reactoonz – 2 wild symbols, 4 high paying aliens, and 4 low paying ones. The two wilds are the Gargantoon alien (sporting three eyes, a monobrow, and several horns), and a swirling vortex of rainbow colours.

On the other hand, the other symbols are tiny, friendly-looking aliens. The low paying ones have more of a 2D appearance, less vivid colours, and only one eye, while the high paying symbols are brighter, more expressive, and blessed with two eyes, eyebrows, and horns.

When it comes to sounds, we have no sounder (pun intended a little) advice than to tell you to think of sci-fi sounds – zaps, beeps, and a general electronic set of noises.

Reactoonz Paylines and Paytable

Three slides are helpfully displayed on the screen when you first load up the game. They briefly introduce the Quantum Feature charge metre, the Gargantoon, and the fluctuating symbols.

However, more information about each of these features, as well as detailed numerical data on the payout value of each low and high paying symbol may be found on the Reactoonz paytable. This can be easily accessed by pressing the i symbol enclosed in the amber circle at the bottom left of the game screen.

Reactoonz Features

Reactoonz offers highly animated gameplay as when winning combinations are formed on the grid, the symbols in the sequence disappear and others from above slide down to take their place, giving you the possibility to land multiple wins in a single game round!

Each of the wins formed when getting a cluster of 5 or more matching aliens, transfers energy to the power-hungry Gargantoon. Once this creature has enough energy to put his evil plan of invasion into motion, he will make a Quantum Leap onto the centre, and release one of five chain reactions that increase the odds of a good win considerably:

  • Implosion: 3-6 symbols are transformed to wilds while all adjacent symbols are destroyed
  • Alteration: a random low-paying symbol is chosen and all instances of it on the grid turned into another. If no one-eyed aliens are present, any available symbol may be chosen
  • Demolition: all one-eyed aliens and their matches are destroyed
  • Incision: a wild symbol is cut into the centre, creating two intersecting diagonal lines on the grid, both of which will show the same random symbol.

Once all 5 metres are fully charged, the Gargantoon feature is added to the mix. This first adds a random 3×3 wild. If no more cascades are possible, it becomes two 2×2 wilds, finally ending up as nine 1×1 wilds. 

Any initial round that doesn’t result in a win provides the opportunity for the Gargantoon to drop 4-8 wilds onto the display.

When a player lands 4 matching symbols which are adjacent to each other in a square, these automatically form Giantoonz. In this case, wins are doubled for any winning combination that one or more Giantoonz is part of.

On the other hand, a random one-eyed alien is marked as the fluctuating symbol in each spin. If any of the marked symbols form part of a winning combination, they leave behind 2 wilds!

Our Verdict

Reactoonz is a cute slot with sweet, alien characters who help you along your way to forming winning combinations on the reels. However, its playful and fun elements shouldn’t be cause for you to brush it off as childish and unsuitable for serious players. It’s the perfect slot to have in a Canadian Online Casino, and we’re proud to host it!

It can land the lucky player some big wins and if that is achieved through the help of extraterrestrials and a grid instead of traditional reels, then so be it. We’re behind this slot game all the way!