Khan and Brook: the gloves are finally off

The two former world champions and forever rivals Kell Brook and Amir Kahn will finally meet on Saturday, 19th February, after having avoided each other for the past decade. 

There is no love lost between these two. Khan famously taunted Brook after his 2004 Olympic silver medal in Athens, saying he regularly gave Brook lessons in sparring with only one arm! Brook, in return, gave Khan the nickname “Bambi on ice” referring to his alleged “glass jaw”, which in Boxing lingo is used to describe a fighter who cannot absorb powerful punches. 

Now the two boxers from England can finally settle their dispute in the ring. Since 2019, no one has really caught a glimpse of Amir Khan. At least not in the ring. There were plenty of TV appearances, but it was only really Kell Brook who tested himself against the best. His last loss to Terence Crawford in 2020 paved the way for this long-awaited grudge match against Khan on Saturday. 

Both Khan and Brook are in the twilight of their careers. But still, Khan will collect a guaranteed sum of 2.6 million euros, Brook gets just under one. The income from pay-TV and advertising will be split 60/40. Khan can earn up to 7 million euros – Brook at least half. 

The long-awaited boxing clash between rivals Kell Brook and Amir Kahn: Manchester’s AO Arena will host the fight fans have been waiting for all this time. The 20,000 tickets were sold out in minutes.