Stats and predictions for the Euro 2020 Final

After a month of excitement, we’re getting ready for the last match of the Euros. England edged out Denmark on Wednesday and reached the final, marking their first semi-final win since the 1966 World Cup. Now, they will face arguably the best team of the tournament – Italy.

The Italians under Roberto Mancini have been rock solid at the back as is their tradition. Magnificent in midfield and very productive in attack. It’s a team that evolved by its journey through the tougher part of the draw in this tournament.

England had the easier path but failed to impress nonetheless, with many still criticizing Gareth Southgate albeit making it all the way through the final. Their worst enemy so far has been the pressure that has been put on them by pundits, bookies, and fans alike, labelling them as favourites.

It couldn’t be otherwise, though, given the sheer amount of talent at the manager’s disposal. And the fact they played all their games but one, at Wembley, with the final set to be played in that stadium as well. The home crowd will be almost all cheering for the Three Lions, something that could tilt the tie as we saw against Denmark.

Italy have played a 4-3-3 formation in each game, with very few changes made in between due to injuries, and thus are expected to start the final in the same fashion. England on the other hand have used a variety of systems, with plenty of personnel changes as well along the way. The starting 11 is expected to be that fielded against Denmark with Bukayo Saka the only real major doubt to start the match. Now we’ll have to wait and see if football really is coming home or if it’s going to Rome.